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Two Tips for Selling Handcrafted Goods at a Market That Is Popular with Tourists from Overseas


If there is a market in your area that is frequented by a lot of tourists from overseas and you would like to start selling some handcrafted goods there, you might want to take these two suggestions on board.

Make something lightweight and small that tourists who live abroad are likely to want to buy

If you want to make a decent amount of profit from this craft project, then it is important to ensure that you make something that tourists who are from abroad will want to purchase. Generally speaking, they will want souvenirs that reflect some element of the culture, native wildlife, cuisine or history of the country they are visiting. Because they may not have much space in their suitcases for souvenirs and because they won't want to weigh down their suitcases with these items (as the airlines they will fly home on may have weight restrictions for luggage), the items you make should also be lightweight and small.

One item that could prove popular with these type of tourists is a kangaroo magnet. One of the most well-known animals in Australia is the kangaroo; this is the first creature that is likely to come to a person's mind when they think about Australian wildlife. Furthermore, a magnet is small enough to be kept in a person's pocket and is also incredibly light, which makes it the ideal souvenir for any tourist who has a long journey home. If you decide to use this idea, you could buy a few dozen kangaroo magnets from a wholesaler, add your own artistic touch to them (you could, for instance, add glitter, inscriptions or miniature pom-poms) and then sell them at the market.

Try to make the goods you produce functional as well as decorative

If there are lots of other merchants at the market who also have a range of souvenirs aimed at tourists who are from abroad, and you want the items that you make to sell well, then it's worth making these items both decorative and functional, as people are generally more likely to buy souvenirs that not only look nice but which also serve a clear purpose.

For example, if you order a collection of kangaroo magnets, as described above, one of the finishing touches you could add to them at your crafting station would be to bend the kangaroos' tails so that they stand perpendicular to their bodies (if the magnets are made from a relatively pliable material). Their tails could then act as hooks, that people could hang their keys off of after they put the magnet onto their fridge or radiators.


27 February 2020