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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Custom Picture Frame


When you find a piece of art or print you have been looking for, the next step is to find a suitable frame. Although ready-made frames are cheap and readily available, custom options are the best. That said, most people do not know how to select custom frames and end up making mistakes in the process. This article explores common mistakes to avoid when considering custom picture framing.

Prioritising Personal Preferences — Personal preference is essential when selecting items that will become part of your home on a long-term basis. For instance, some people prefer picture frames with square corners to those with curvature. While it is counterintuitive to go against your preferences when choosing custom frames, it is necessary. The art piece you like might not be compatible with the picture frame you want, and the mismatch might affect your room's interior decor. Therefore, rather than rely solely on your preferences, talk to a professional framer and ask for advice. A professional framer will examine the piece of art you want to frame and suggest a suitable frame design. Remember, a framer's recommendations consider other elements such as art material, indoor atmosphere and room style.   

Fiddling with Different Sizes — Thanks to online shops, ordering custom frames has never been easier. The platforms allow you to create something special in the comfort of your home within a short time. You can choose a unique colour or size for your frame in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, most people fiddle too much with frame sizes, even when it is unnecessary. At times, the standard sizes provided by online frame shops are just about right for your artwork. Therefore, talk or chat with a framer if you want a custom frame for your artwork rather than force a size that does not provide the right fit. Remember, custom picture frames come in standard sizes but not necessarily custom dimensions.

Emphasising High-Grade Materials — When you buy an inexpensive piece of art, it is natural to want a high-quality frame material to make the whole piece look expensive. However, most people are unaware that sometimes a high-quality material does not necessarily mean the best outcome. For instance, if you want to frame an art reproduction, you might be tempted to use cotton as a mat board due to the material's quality. However, using a cotton rag as a custom mat board for art reproduction would be a waste. Instead, a paper mat board is the most suitable for easily reproducible artwork since it is affordable, attractive and still high quality.  


23 August 2021